Alternative Healing: An Option to Analyze and Take Into Account

Alternative healing refers to non-conventional treatments that are carried out to replace traditional medicine. This type of treatment takes into account all aspects of an individual’s life: emotions, thoughts, routine habits, etc. The most popular alternative healing treatments are hypnosis, Ayurveda, homeopathy, reiki, Bach Flowers, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, among others. None of these treatments apply any type of surgery or drugs in their procedures. Many people have chosen to follow traditional medical treatments, complemented with alternative therapies.

A few years ago hospitals rejected any type of alternative healing. For this reason, many people went to look for alternative therapies on their own, even traveling to China or India, countries where these treatments are accepted.

This resulted in the last few years in some hospitals recommending therapies such as Ayurveda or acupuncture to complement medical treatments. Read more »


Helps increase mobilities and promotes relaxation.












Obtaining good health throughout.

Beneficial for any types of injuries

Therapeutic Massage

Beneficial for any types of injuries.

Ancient natural medicine for some illnesses

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The most ancient remedy for some illnesses.









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Give Your Body a Break by Eating Organic

There are all sorts of chemicals in the environment that we come into contact with each day. Pollutants in the air, chemicals in the soil and water, and even the unnatural ingredients of shampoo and soap – all of these add up and make the bodywork overtime just to be as healthy as possible. By eating organic foods, you can give your body a break from some of this work, and your body will thank you for it.

Organic foods are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides. Instead, they are grown using natural and organic fertilizers and compounds that work just as well and even better. Plants are tilled using methods that do not corrupt the nutrients in the produce. Livestock is raised without feeding them hormones and within humane environments.

Just by eating organically, you can make a difference to your body. You gain additional nutrients that are not available from chemically grown foods. This element alone allows your body to become healthier. The more you reduce the chemicals you come into contact with, the better you will likely feel.

Therapeutic Massage: a Technique That Improves Quality of Life

Therapeutic massage is an alternative discipline used to relieve body pain, improve body posture, recover from sports injuries, and even relieve the stresses of everyday life. This discipline consists of the application of a series of movements executed through the hands of a professional therapist. Therapeutic massage has the advantage of creating a cordial bond between therapist and patient, which facilitates physical recovery.

This discipline has several positive effects on the patient:

-Relaxes and deeply relaxes the muscles.

-Improves blood circulation

-Stimulates or calms the nervous system, as the case may be.

-It improves the general psychological state.

-Promotes muscle development.

-Promotes the flexibility of the tissues. Read more »

Cupping Benefits for Circulation and Overall Health

Cupping is an alternative form of therapy native to China. It is used by itself or as a part of therapeutic massage. There are two classifications of cupping benefits depending on the form of the medicine practiced.

Cupping may be utilized with or without massage therapy to improve blood circulation. Cups are placed on the skin to create suction. This suctioning brings blood to the area, thus creating additional circulation, bringing extra nutrition as well. The results of this include, but are not limited to reducing muscle tension and pain, as well as hastening the healing of injuries and fighting toxic pathogens.

For medicine outside of the physical therapy realm, cupping is completed to facilitate the flow of life force, known as Qi. Read more »

Pre-Workout Stretching: An Absolutely Necessary Procedure

Many people are exercising around the globe to improve their quality of life: slim down, tone up, and sleep better. Surprising as it may seem, few are aware of the importance of pre-workout stretching.

This procedure is absolutely necessary to properly prepare the muscles to begin training. Before training begins, the body is “hard and cold”, so it is essential to prepare the body for the effort it will make during exercise.

It is recommended to stretch gently for 10 minutes before starting to train. You should start stretching the larger muscle groups such as the legs, arms, back, and shoulders. You can stretch the whole body while standing or lying on a mat. Read more »

Therapeutic Massage Key In Overall Wellness

Massage therapy isn’t just for athletes or individuals who are physically active. Therapeutic massage is actually quite beneficial for anyone, especially those who experience any kind of stress. This therapy promotes relaxation and overall well-being.

Most people experience stress and anxiety at some point, some more than others. Massage therapy reduces the muscle tension that comes from that anxiety. It improves circulation, therefore enabling better cellular healing and skin tone. It also increases joint flexibility and mobility. Injuries tend to heal faster from this form of therapy. All of these elements together promote better health and well-being.

Aside from all of these physical benefits, massage promotes relaxation. This aspect also assists in the overall improved health of a person. Positivity and a relaxed body and mind are crucial for fighting off disease and illness. Read more »

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